Reliable Home Care, LLC

About Us

Our Mission


We are dedicated to providing a care plan to meet your unique needs. We give attentive physical care to the elderly and the disabled.


We provide seniors and their families with a sense of ease by keeping the same routines in order to keep your love one comfortable and safe. This keeps our clients independent physically and mentally as long as possible. 


We provide services at a conscientious level of personal care to seniors and disabled individuals.


We want you to be able to depend on us when you need a day off; our team is there for you and your family. We are always trying to work with you to make life more manageable.

We give care to the one you love because we know that it takes a special touch to meet the unique needs of each elderly family member. For over nine years I have taken care of the elderly and disabled; I still see the need for the personal and unique conscientious care. 


About Us


Reliable Home Care provides your loved one with a helpful and kind environment where they can feel comfortable in our caregiver's presence. We make it our obligation to make sure they are happy, healthy and having fun.


We are a local business that puts our client's needs and wants first. We will do as much as possible for your loved one because our motto is to do unto others as you would want them to do to you. Reliable Home Care is reliable, we answer phone calls at a variety of hours and are willing to come and help your loved one with anything they need.

As a small independent business, we feel that we can offer the very best in assistance to our clients. We serve the Ann Arbor area, Charlotte and Ludington. We pride ourselves on being dependable and positive assets to the community. We rely on word of mouth recommendations for the greater part of our business so we always strive for the greatest in customer satisfaction.


When we meet to assess your individual needs, we will be more than happy to provide personal references for your assurance. 


Our team works with each person on an individual bases and is constantly aware that the client's time is precious and the things we learn from them is priceless.


Reliable Home Care is managed by an experienced senior care provider with over nine years of continuous service to the elderly community. She has owned a small senior care business in the East Lansing, Michigan area, as well as working with other mid. and south-east Michigan care providers.

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